Located in the Danbury Sports Dome:

25 Shelter Rock Ln.
Danbury, Connecticut


We specialize in tumbling for cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers and more. Providing the best quality training and environment for athletes of all ages.


To view our detailed PDF for general class rates and scheduling information click down below.

Need one on one help?

At P.T.C. we offer one on one tumbling lessons for your child, if this sounds appealing to you feel free to check out the link towards the right/bottom. It will direct you to our schedule!

Looking for group classes?

One on one isn't your thing? Our group lessons are only a click away, and more affordable than privates, give it a look!

"...I am forever grateful for the confidence that you teach her and the skills that she learns from working hard with you."

- Stephanie, Facebook Review 2017



"Nick is a great tumbling coach - builds not just skills but confidence in his students. My daughter has gone from back handsprings to working on her double fulls with his instruction and as a parent, I love how he always pushes her to go that one extra step, great coaching!!"

- Erin, Facebook Review 2017

"Ali has the most incredible cheer tumbling coach that she has ever worked with! Nick knows when to push her, encourage her, and show her how to maximize her skills. We travel over an hour to come for our weekly lesson and it is worth every second!"

- Christine, Facebook Review 2017